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Charger for P7101 retro single-bay Nickel

The HCH-P7101-RETRO / Retrofit kit is a modification for M/A-COM (HARRIS) Nickel only chargers. Retrofit kits will upgrade chargers in order to accept and charge GTS NEOCELL batteries. OEM part numbers that are adaptable include BML16178/20. (Other nickel only chargers may also be adaptable).

Product Features

  • True Tri-chemistry: Can upgrade following chargers to support Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, NiCd & NiMh chemistries
  • Easy Conversion Process: Less than 20 minutes on average to complete conversion
  • Available only in Bundle Packs:
  • HCH-RETRO-BDL1 = 1 HCH-P7101-RETRO + 1 HMA2104-LiP
  • HCH-RETRO-BDL2 = 1 HCH-P7101-RETRO + 2 HMA2104-LiP
  • Highest quality cells used
  • Longer cycle life
  • Extremely rugged
  • Rigorous testing

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 158.18 x 119.10 x 110.24