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Travel and Desk Charger for Motorola/ Symbol MC70/MC75

The HCH-7010VL-CHG-DESK is both a travel and a desk charger for the Motorola/ Symbol MC70/MC75. It comes with detachable AC and DC cords to fit your charging needs, and also includes a mini USB port for easy connectivity right to your computer.

Product Features

  • Compatible with RAM mount
  • Lightweight, versatile, and portable design for in-vehicle use
  • Equipped with mini USB port for easy computer connectivity
  • Detachable AC and AC/DC cords so you can power it in the car or from an outlet

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 50 x 80 x 90


OEM Models: MC70 / MC75

Weight: 135 g

Warranty: 12 MONTHS