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MC70 3X3 charger

The HCH-7033-CHG is a 3-bay, 3-cradle charger for Symbol MC70/MC75 batteries and devices. It simultaneously charges spare batteries as well as devices, allowing for increased efficiency in less space.

Product Features

  • More efficiency in less space: Charges 50% more batteries in same space as OEM chargers
  • Dual-chemistry charger: Supports Li-Ion and Li-Polymer chemistries
  • Tri-color charging indications: A charging LED indicates charging status
  • Hassle-free mounting: Utilizes same mounting bracket as Symbol® chargers for easy wall mounting
  • Made of highly rugged aerospace grade aluminum housing
  • Includes power supplies and cable

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 420 x 160 x 114


OEM Models: MC70 / MC75

Weight: 1150 g

Warranty: 24 MONTHS