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Single Bay Universal Charger for Harris Radios

The HCH-XG1-CHG is a single bay universal charger for Harris® radios. Compatible with a wide array of Harris® series radios, users can charge multiple models of devices in the same bay without the need for adapter cups.

Product Features

  • Tri-chemistry charger: Supports Li-Ion, NiCd, NiMH, and NEOCELL® Li-Poly chemistries
  • Charge Time: 2.5 to 5 hours maximum (varies with battery capacity)
  • Charge Current: Up to 1300mA in constant current charging phase
  • Charge Method: Constant current: constant voltage with end-of-charge termination
  • Tri-color charging indications: Charging LED indicates charging status
  • Charges battery alone or while attached to the radio
  • Hassle-free mounting bracket

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 134 x 127 x 88


OEM Models: P7100 / P7200 / P7300 / P5100 / P5300 / P5400 / P5500 / XG25 / XG75

OEM Part Numbers: BKB191210 / BKB191210/3 / BKB191210/4 / BKB191210/6 / BT‑023406‑003 / BT‑023406‑004 / BT‑023406‑005

Weight: 416 g

Warranty: 24 MONTHS