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H7038-Li-IM2: High Capacity

H7038-Li-IM2: High Capacity

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IMPRES™* Battery for Motorola APX 8000 / 7000 / 6000 Series.

The H7038-LIP-IM replaces OEM BTRY-NNTN7038 / PMNN4403 batteries used in the Motorola® APX 6000/ APX 7000 / APX 8000 series radios.

  • Powered by NEOCELL® Lithium Polymer technology
  • 100% OEM compatible and will not void an OEM warranty
  • Results in purchasing fewer batteries over time due to increased cycle life
  • Increases productivity with a 40% lighter weight than NiMH battery alternatives
  • Performs in extreme conditions with wider temperature tolerances
  • Rigorous testing was conducted, including temperature, vibration, shock, drop, short circuit, and overcharge
  • The battery has the ability to provide: Fuel Gauge, Present Charge, Potential Capacity, Rated Capacity, Initial Capacity, Manufacture Date, Date of First Use, Last Reconditioning Date, Last Charge, Total Charge Cycles, Total Reconditioning Cycles, and Days to Next Reconditioning

Product Specifications

Capacity: 4800

Chemistry: Lithium-Ion

Voltage: 7.2

Dimensions: 86.1 x 41.7 x 59.4

OEM: Motorola

OEM Models: APX6000 / APX7000 / APX8000

Weight: 187 g

Warranty: 12 MONTHS