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Patriot Travel Charger for Motorola XTS3000 / XTS5000 Series

The Patriot DC is a travel charger for Motorola XTS3000/5000 series radios. Radios can be placed in the charger in the ‘off’ mode, standby mode, operating-receiving mode, or operating-transmitting mode.

Product Features

  • Tri-color charging indications: A charging LED indicates charging status
  • Multi-chemistry charger: Supports Li-Ion, NiCd and NiMh chemistries
  • Hassle-free mounting: Utilizes same mounting bracket as Symbol chargers for easy wall mounting
  • Light-weight, versatile and portable design for in-vehicle use
  • Made of highly rugged aerospace-grade aluminum housing
  • Includes power supply and cable
  • Rapidly charges batteries in 2.5 to 5 hours
  • Charges battery alone or while attached to the radio

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 66.04 x 57.15 x 76.2


OEM Models: XTS3000 / XTS5000

Weight: 0.425 lbs